Welcome To "Kubu Ampo"

"Kubu Ampo" is strategically located in North Kerobokan, a nice location easily to reach important tourist destination such as Denpasar - the capital of Bali province - or Seminyak - the most insterested touristic place in Bali. It is also close to Canggu area - a new favourite area especially for surfers -; it is about 15 minutes to the Canggu Club. On recent normal traffic, the Ngurah Rai International Bali Airport is about 1 hour driving. The area is actually chosen by local people to build their new homes in Denpasar to ease them to work. This is the reason this home is built here: guests staying here can feel Balinese touch and experience.

Kubu Ampo is derived from two words: Kubu and Ampo. Kubu is Balinese word for hut. In Balinese mind, the word Kubu is automatically related with "a very simple house owned by a very poor family". "Ngubu" means 'living in a very simple structure when opening new rice field or garden'. Therefore, a 'kubu' is placed in the middle of rice-field for farmers to take rest. 'Ampo' is Balinese word for white clay - very un-fertile soil. On the wet season such soil is muddy as glue; while on the dry-season it is as hard as stone. The farmers named this area Tanah Ampo to show the area is not fertile for growing rice. So, literally Kubu Ampo is 'hut at clay'. The soil where the home stands is definitely not fertile and therefore is very difficult to grow plantations. However with a serious hard-work, the land has been up-graded to become verdant and fresh. To get the theme on, this home is seriously made not luxurious! It is made old and low profile as what a Kubu should speak. But it can speak about real Bali experience. And, it is reliable to save your cost to get an enjoyable and memorable Bali holiday. 

Standing on a local Bali community houses, Kubu Ampo is a safe and secured accommodation. With its three bedrooms (all king sized beds) and swimming pool within large verdant garden, the home is recommended for a extended family holiday.

This nice Bali etnic and rustic home is ready to assist you to get a nice but affordable Bali holiday. Kubu Ampo has a sister home with modern style named Kubu Jepun, a cheap but reasonable Bali accommodation.